Tigernu USA | Best backpacks brand
About Tigernu
Tigernu is a brand of functional backpacks for travel and urban use. As the speed of life increases and digital technologies shape our era, we try to save time on the daily small things.

Tigernu Philosophy The essence of the Tigernu brand philosophy is to combine the practicality of backpacks with new features designed to simplify the everyday life of city dwellers. At the same time, the brand pays due attention to the design of backpacks, combining minimalistic style and functionalism.
About production Tigernu
More than 500 employees at the manufactory and 20 specialists in the design department work on the production of each model. Since its founding in 2004, Tigernu has been steadily following the path to success. Initially, the bar was set for high quality products, which even now allows us to meet the requirements of the most demanding consumers

Tigernu Solutions Since 2012, Tigernu specialists have been developing, patenting and implementing a variety of technologies, innovations and solutions. This helps to bring the company's products to a new level and develop the markets of different countries. Now Tigernu backpacks are common in East and Southeast Asia, Europe and America.
The name of the brand in 2015 became a household name, began to symbolize a high-quality and practical backpack, which once again confirms the popularity of the brand's products. The company to this day continues to expand into new markets, expanding the range and its qualitative development.

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